Thursday, June 7, 2012

Retreats and Returns

I really struggle with commitment to hobbies and interests....story of my life. That being said, I'm back from another blogging sabbatical. I take them every once in a while when what is in my head is too weird to type onto a screen, now that I am pondering things that are somewhat sane (a total cop-out for forgetting about my blog) I shall return to the art of social media diaries once again.

So I've been told by multiple people lately that I should have my own reality tv show. While it is flattering to most people, I am self-aware enough to understand the true reason why the ratings may quite possibly prove to be in my favor.....I am a basket case.

Every single day of my life on this earth has had at least one odd occurrence happen. I'm not talking normal things here; I'm talking interactions with crazzzzzies, animals that run me off the road (instead of the other way around), forgetting things in places that I don't even remember going, having in-depth conversations with drug dealers who live on my street about why I choose not to be an investor, etc... All of this being said, I think I'd be on board with the idea, but maybe not for the reasons of most. Fame and fortune I dont really care about, seeing my life on a screen and being able to know for certain that I didn't dream half of my life....that's what I'm talkin about.

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