Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hubba Hubba...

It is more than evident in my everyday life that I would have absolutely flourished in past time periods. Let's be real, after The Notebook came out I bought vintage outfits, twisted and pinned my hair, and wore heels (which I rarely do) and lived in the 30's for a good month or so. I love junking (furthering my love for collecting treasures of the past), old movies are my jam, old music is my second jam, my heart awakens in an old house with 12-15 ft ceilings and gables, and I will always be attracted to Paul Newman in his hay day and Robert Redford in "The Way We Were" (not just because their names are Hubble and Katie.....wherein, if that were my story, I would undoubtedly say the phrase "hubba hubba" to my man every day, obviously...)

All of this being said, I went to the drive-in last night with some friends. First of all, I adore my friends and love laughing and living life alongside them. I also love the idea of an inflatable mattress in the bed of an F-150, in true redneck fashion. Secondly, it needs to be said that while I enjoyed Madagascar 3 and Men in Black 3, my overall favorite moment was the vintage "Welcome-to-the-drive-in" clips that played before the movies; you know, the ones with the dancing popcorn and soda? Now this, this is what drive-in's in the summer are all about.....the atmosphere. It's a taste of old Americana that I adore. Any moment where I feel like I'm being taken back in time (including my trip to Graceland 3 years ago) will definitely become logged in my memory as a favorite moment. That being said, I'm heading to the square. If you drive by, I'm the one with the cute dog and vintage ensemble staring at the arches on the buildings....gawking no doubt.

-Katie Ro

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